Facilities & Operations

To provide patients with better care, it's critical to have a variety of operations and facilities. The uninterrupted operation of medical facilities and the fast and efficient delivery of service requests depend on healthcare facility management. Hospitals and health facilities are necessary for patients to obtain the care they require. Appropriate hospitals and medical facilities are used to prevent losses to hospitals as they help save time, effort, and workforce. The efficient utilization of infrastructure enhances the relationship between hospitals and patients.

Total Lean Medical Record Audit Process via Structured Medical Data

As we all know data in medical records plays a crucial role in patient care process management and risk management particularly legal risk management

Integration of AI into Healthcare Facilities

Uses of AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence AI is defined as the intelligence of machines as opposed to the intelligence of humans or other living species

Lean Operational Planning in the Design of Ambulatory Care Centers

For high quality building

The subject of ambulatory care setting continues to grow and provides a much needed resource for urgent care primary care and speciality practices Ambulatory care centres can provide better access for patients and increase efficiencies in healthcare arena Design changes to these centres can be impacted with lean operational planning Lean is centred...

Environmental Safety in Hospitals

Hospitals are representative of complex environment in which different aspects including patients staff equipment services and information are interfaced Maintaining a safe environment reflects a level of competent healthcare that must be fulfilled for patient safety In this context the clinical engineer plays an important role in providing safe en...

Improving Patient Experience, Safety and Progression through Care Model Redesign & Lean Management System

It is the duty of care providers to realise that a hospital is more than a business it is an imperative service to patients and families and supporting them morally at the most challenging and critical times of their lives are our duty Apart from keeping patients informed and engaged mollifying the censorious environment and ensuring that the patie...

From ICU to I See You

Small things make a big difference in healthcare

On May th on a flight back home after a speaking engagement in Atlantic City I suddenly fell ill I was too weak to walk and I had to be taken off the airplane in a wheelchair and brought to my local ER The following morning I was transported by ambulance to the Intensive Care Unit ICU at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston I was sickrea...

Managing IV Infections in India

Healthcareacquired infections or Hospital Acquired Infections HAIs are the most common complications of hospital care leading to high morbidity and mortality While the World Health Organization WHO estimates about per cent HAIs burden in hospitalised patients globally

The Breath of life

Over million die every year often in our care of air quality issues Millions more of water soil and food contamination What is our role as healthcare providers in addressing these major areas of poor health


The programming planning and design of healthcare facilities are of prime importance to improve the patient visitor and staff experience

Internet of Things Architectures, Technologies, Applications, Challenges, and Future Directions for Enhanced Living Environments and Healthcare Systems: A Review

In order to maintain and improve peoples life quality in all periods of life but particularly for older adults ambient assisted living AAL remains a multidisciplinary field that is strictly related to an ecosystem of different technologies and applications for personal healthcare monitoring and pervasive and ubiquitous computing The concept of enh...

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